Recent History

I recently spent 7 years with Smarts and EMC Ionix professional services, and am known in the UK as an expert architect, designer, developer and solution integrator for systems using these and related products. Before joining Smarts I designed and wrote the Smarts Perl API and dashboard, which are now part of the Smarts foundation. I was the leader of the Ionix EMEA PS development group, and worked as EMC's lead architect on the BT 21CN surveillance integration project.

More recently I provided the technical leadership for Transport for London's monitoring industrialization project which used Smarts (IONIX), MS SCOM, Remedy, BMC, Atrium and other technologies to build a single organization-wide network and data center monitoring solution.

In parallel to the TfL project, I was engaged to design and write the Perl API for VMTurbo's real-time virtualized data center management suite. This project combined developments in Perl and Java EMF, and was built on the popular Tomcat web server.

From April 2011 I supported Holonomix Ltd (the UK's leading provider of next generation IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions)  in the evolution and development of their "Holosphere" product - The next-generation of unifying, intelligent IT Operations Management solutions, featuring advanced out of the box integration, automation and presentation capabilities based on the latest Web 2.0 technologies.

In April 2012, I was re-engaged by Transport for London to add a service impact analysis layer to their existing OSS tool set and provide a reporting foundation using the IONIX tools, Watch4Net API, Voyence (NCM) and bespoke code.

In addition to my involvement with EMC Smarts/IONIX products, I am active in the Linux and open-source software community. There are a number of free software products which can be downloaded from this site, and some of these are described in articles written for the Linux Journal. See the "Software" and "Publications" sections.

I am actively involved in web application development using technologies such as the Grails foundation, Perl, Groovy and Java languages, MySQL, EMF (Eclipse Modelling Framework), Tomcat, the DOJO/DIJIT tool kit, ZK and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

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