The following are a selection of testimonials taken from the "recommendations" section of my LinkedIn profile..

Top notch. Chris has combination of skills that is very rare in the industry. His solid software development expertise along with deep IT management domain knowledge and can do attitude makes him uniquely qualified to solve complex problems with ease. It was a pleasure to work with him.
I first encountered the phenomena that is Chris Lowth during my tenure at SMARTS where we engaged Chris's organisation (Intercai) to undertake outsourced professional services work on our behalf. It soon became very clear to me that Chris was a very brilliant and rather special individual.

I have since gone on to develop the utmost respect for Chris's capabilities. His in-depth technical knowledge, creative insight and in particular his software development, scripting and documentation skills are quite unparalleled in my experience (frankly its a struggle to for us mere mortals to keep pace with the speed at which his brain works!)

I recall specifically introducing Chris to the SW development team in SMARTS following Chris's solo development of a complete Perl API and associated tools for the product. SMARTS themselves had a very accomplished SW development team at the time (definitely no slouches!)...but its testament to Chris's expertise that they (and I) simply could not understand how he had been able to achieve this startling accomplishment unaided and with so little prior exposure to the product.

Chris also combines his professional expertise with a courteous, unassuming and somewhat modest demeanour - a thoroughly nice chap in fact that will integrate well with into any team or organisation.

I will sum up by simply stating if Chris is involved in your project it's as sure fire guarantee of its likely success as one can imagine - not surprisingly I unreservedly recommend him and wish him the very best in all his future endeavours

Chris is one of the most complete and capable professional services consultants that I have ever worked with. He is extremely intelligent, able to think outside the box and implement his designs/ideas in a highly efficient/successful way. He is also a very personable individual who fits well into a team and brings many different qualities to the table.
Chris is a one of the most supremely skilled and efficient resources I have worked with. He is an absolute authority in his field and works in a very professional, methodical manner. A nice personality with that skill level can only be highly recommended. 
Chris has the unique ability to translate the most complex of software engineering topics into English. He a master at developing software solutions & a real gent to work along side.

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