What’s in the Name?

I chose the company name "Digitage" back in the year 2000 when the possibility of going "contract" first came up. To be brutally honest, I dont really remember all the details of why I chose it. I think one factor was simply the sound (you say the "age" bit of it with a French twist - more like "arj", but drawn out a little - like the word "collage"). For an English man, it was a little "different" and it appealed to me.

Now that I come to resurrect the idea of contracting (and mixing in other "stuff"), it seems to make sense to use what I already own - and keep the name. The way the name rhymes with "collage" is a lucky coincidence in that the idea of a "Digital Collage" describes the way that integration projects often pan out, and my business is fundamentally that of digital integration.

My wife and brother see it differently, though.

My wife feels the "age" bit should in line with the English use of the word - leaving this company as something along the lines of "Old Gits With Computers" (the original word was "buggers" - sorry about that). I'm not as young as I used to be - and have already started to nibble into the second half of my century, so maybe she has a point.

My brother feels it should be "aaaaarrrrrrj", and be spoken with a cutlass between the teeth while flying through the rigging from ship to ship with less than charitable intent.

So take your pick: Either we are artists in the medium of digital integration, or we are old gnarled men playing with their digital toys, or we are pirates laying claim to what is not ours. I know which "spin" on the name I want my customers to feel is the right one - I just pray it's justified.

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