New Generation Church

Under the Digitage umbrella, I provided the IT infrastructure for New Generation Church (Sidcup, UK), and continue to maintain and administer it.

The infrastructure consists of

  • Two Fedora Linux servers - one "primary" and one "backup".
  • Windows and Apple laptops and desktops.
  • Network printers.
  • Samba-based file storage and backup.
  • Private and "Guest" Wifi access, controlled using VLANs.
  • Remote VPN connection.
  • Private cloud

A bespoke private cloud-based administration suite was developed using Groovy, Grails and ZK which provides the following facilities..

  • Administration of users, groups and passwords.
  • Administration of church membership and team email groups.
  • Administration of VPN certificates
  • IMAP and Web mail
  • Control of email auto-answering
  • Creation and administration of group emails - including integration with the "Lark in the Park" registration database.

Screen Shots..

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