ASL’s “Hello World”

It is traditional for students of any programming language to start by writing a program that prints "Hello world!", to get a basic idea of the syntax and how to compile and execute it.

So here's the equivalent for IONIX / Smart's "ASL" (Adapter Scripting Language)..

START { .. eol } do {
        print("Hello, world!");

Write the above text using your favourite editor and save it into a file called "hello.asl" in your working directory  (the .asl extension is just a matter of convention - it's not actually required).

ASL scipts dont need to be compiled so you can jump straight to running it.

The program is exectuted using the "sm_adapter" command, like this..

sm_adapter hello.asl

If you get  a "not found" message for sm_adapter, you'll need to find out where your Smarts is installed. If you are working on a unix system (Linux or Solaris), chances are that it will be in a directory with a path similar to this..


If so, you can run your program by giving the full path name, like this..

/opt/InCharge9/SAM/smarts/bin/sm_adapter hello.asl
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