How to start an ASL script

I wrote about how to stop one, but a wise man commented that we should know how to start one first. Maybe I've gone and put the cart-before the horse?

How to start a script? Well - there's more than one way to skin that particular cat (no - no picture this time!). When time permits I'll write up the options. But in summary, they are..

  • Use the sm_adapter utility.
  • Configure it in a *.import or bootstrap file.
  • Use one ASL script to start another.
  • Invoke the "start" method" using dmctl, java, C, C++ or perl.
  • Use the hidden 'invoke operation' feature of the developer's console.
  • turn it into a hook script.
  • turn it into a filter script.
  • I've probably missed one or two - let me know if you can think of any I've missed.


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