DM-Lint – A de-fluffer for dynamic model

First the vision ...

I just have started work on something I have planned to do for years -- a "lint" program for dynamic model.

In the unix world "lint" is a tool that analyses software source files and "picks out the fluff" (or so said the old man pages).

The idea behind DM-lint is that it should read DM source files and report more errors than the compiler can - meaning that the development times are significantly reduced. It will check your model against the target domain and report conflicts, and other errors at compile time, rather than requiring that the domain is booted before errors are reported in the logs. I plan that it should also provide warnings around "best practice" - etc.

I'm not sure when this will be finished, but hopefully its not too far away.

Now the problem (and a rather cheeky request)...

In order to get this tool to be truely useful, I need a reasonably large repository of dynamic model files to test it against - and so I am hoping that some kind people would be prepared to send me samples of their dynamic model files that I can use for this purpose. I will naturally guarantee that I will not distribute anything you are kind enough to share with me.

If you are happy to help in this way .. please send the files to me via email [many thanks]

Keep an eye on this page, to keep up to speed with the development.

Many thanks.


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