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The Smarts IP domain provides some discovery debugging features that may (!) help in the event of issues. These are mainly controlled by changing attributes in the ICF_TopologyManager object, or calling some of it's operations.

Turing debug on

You can either do this using dmctl, ASL or the console itself.

To use the console you first need to enable "unfiltered" (aka "developers") mode. The steps to achieve this are..

  • Open a topology console (File -> New)
  • Click on the domain name at the top of the tree on the left of the window.
  • Press Control-Alt-M (nothing seems to happen - don’t worry about that).
  • Right-click in the white space to the right of the domain name and select "Refresh"
  • Re-expand the tree by clicking on the "+" box to the left of the domain name.
  • You should now see many more class folders than before.

To access the topology manager object, open the "ICF_TopologyManager" class folder and click on the "ICF-TopologyManager object it contains. That brings up the attributes of the manager in the right hand pane.

DebugEnabled attribute

The DebugEnabled attribute is used by many of the discovery scripts to cause them to print a variety of interesting information to the log file (have a look at the scripts in rules/discovery to see how this works).

To set it; first find the "DebugEnabled" value and double-click on it's value (probably "false") this shows a drop-down that allows you to change the value to "true". Doing this makes the entire line turn yellow to show that the value has been changed in the console but the change has not been applied to the domain itself.

Click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the screen to change the attribute in the domain itself (you'll notice that the yellow background returns to the more normal white).

LogDiscoveryProgress attribute

LogPending attribute

LogTracing attribute

ShowTracing atribute

TraceRule attribute

enableSNMPTrace() operation

enableICMPTrace() operation

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