Dumping a Smarts String Dictionary Contents

If you want to dump the contents of a string dictionary object in an EMC Smarts (aka: IONIX) domain there are a few commonly used options available to you.

The first is to use the class's "dump" method to write the dictionary to the domain's log file..

dmctl -s DOMAIN_NAME_HERE invoke GA_StringDictionary::DICT_NAME_HERE dump

The second is to use the "get" function to print the contents (using a pre-defined format) to the standard output (which can be redirected using the shell's ">" syntax)

dmctl -s DOMAIN_NAME_HERE invoke GA_StringDictionary::DICT_NAME_HERE get

Another, if you want an easier to read format, is to use the following simple ASL script..

default DictName = "";
START { .. eol } do {
    obj = object("GA_StringDictionary", DictName);
    foreach k (obj->keys) {
        value = obj->find(k);
        print(k." -> ".value)

This script can be run like this..

sm_adapter -s DOMAIN_NAME_HERE -DDictName=DICT_NAME_HERE script.asl

The output can of course be written to a file, if you want..

sm_adapter -s DOMAIN_NAME_HERE -DDictName=DICT_NAME_HERE script.asl > filename
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