Forcing map type configuration to be re-read by SAM

Working recently on some custom maps for SAM, I struggled to get it to re-read my edited "map_type.xml" file. After some playing around I found that this file is only read when the domain is started without a repository file (a road I really did not want to go down). Further research showed that the file's contents are merged into the XML file exported/imported by sm_config - and that gave me the method I needed.

Here are the steps I carried out (and -- it worked for me).

  • Save the configuration using the command:
    • sm_config -s XXX export file.xml
  • Edit the xml and delete all the map_typeconfig entries
  • Insert the contents of maps/map_type.xml in their place
  • Shutdown all connected consoles (the following step could hang them)
  • Import the edited xml using the command:
    • sm_config -s XXX import --replace --force file.xml
  • Restart the consoles and log in
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