Volume Spread Analysis

The pages in this section reflect my adventures in "Volume Spread Analysis" (VSA) - a stock-chart reading technique that I am a relatively new student of. The technique is a modern interpretation of the historical work of Richard D Wyckoff, developed by Tom Williams (TradeGuider) and Nigel Hawkes (Hawkeye) and others. Personally, I am reading and studying Tom's approach simply because it was his work that first swam into my view but am keeping an interested eye on other related sources.

Being a software developer, I am inevitably endeavoring to augment what I learn with automated tools to assist picking investment opportunities from a range of UK stocks. These tools wont be pretty graphic chart viewing programs, but raw data processing apps and scripts. Some of these will be released over time, others will remain "in house".

In order to judge the quality of any material you read on this subject (and subjects like it) you absolutely need to ask the author one key question..

The Q: Are you personally, actively using what you have described to trade/invest your own money?
My A: No - not yet. Please treat any original material that you read here as a "work in progress" and do not rely on it for your own investment or trading choices.

Nothing on these pages should be taken as investment advise .. I am not qualified to give it.

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